Mobile Phone Detection Cameras

With used cars sales in Northern Ireland continuing to soar, so are the methods of road traffic control and safety, mobile phone detection cameras are at the forefront with trials rolling out across the UK. These new technologies are now taking over motorways and catching people using their mobile phones while driving with penalties to be put in place in UK law.

As a society, we’re more glued to our phones than ever seen before, to the extent of even using our mobile phones during high concentration tasks like driving. 

Because phones are so easily accessible to us, with the simple reach into our pocket, it seems to be difficult for us to stay away from them. This is why there was a need to create a system of control where people can get caught for looking at their phones while driving to try and combat the problem. 

You’ll be surprised that over 15,000 people were using their phones on a motorway in the UK in the space of 6 months. 

Mobile phones and driving

We all trust ourselves while driving since we’re the ones in control. Looking at a phone for a few seconds to quickly type a message or check notifications can seem like something we can easily manage while driving, however things can happen very quickly and suddenly on roads. Usually, all it takes is a second or two to react to a situation that can save your life. 

Missing out on something vital happening on the road while checking a phone notification which can be done upon arrival is not worth the possible consequences. 

While sometimes we need to take a call, this can be done through car bluetooth systems where it’s not necessary to take attention away from the road, and is much safer. 

Along with using a mobile phone while driving, there are other things you probably didn’t know were illegal when driving

You won’t miss out on anything in the social media world by not looking at your phone during the time of making a journey, but you can surely miss out on a healthy or any life at all. This is where these road traffic control systems come into play

New Mobile Phone Detection Cameras to combat phone use while driving

Using artificial intelligence, a high definition camera captures images of vehicles windscreens and analyses them to scan for phones. Before this was available, people were only caught using their phones if a police officer physically saw them, which is a lot less probable. 

This new system is referred to as smart cameras, which not only scan for people using their phones while driving but also if they’re wearing a seatbelt. 

Having rules in place is one thing, but being able to monitor them is another. Both are needed to combat the use of mobile phones while driving and the UK is on the right track. 

Buying used cars in Northern Ireland has been hugely popular over recent years with less cars being produced. While used cars began to boom so did new security systems, so while we couldn’t purchase newer cars, some advancements happened. 

Combating the problem of accidents as a result of paying attention to mobile phones rather than the road is an issue we need to fix. 

It’s good to see some action starting to take place in relation to this in the UK, which can hopefully translate into less accidents. 
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