Sell more cars on Facebook marketplace using these stats

Facebook Marketplace is undoubtably one of the most exciting and fastest growing classifieds in the world (right after our own of course!). It has one of the largest audiences that exists on social media and is a brilliant way to advertise your stock to a mass audience.

So, what vehicles are the most attractive to buyers on Facebook Marketplace? Well, it just so happens that we’ve done the hard work for you with an analysis of the most popular makes, model, price and mileage ranges.

We love to analyse data and understand buyer behavior. Below we’ve summarised a number of categories that have generated the most enquiries during the lockdown period.

top 5 Most Popular manufacturers

RankManufacturer% of Enquiries
As you can see, BMW is clearly leading from the front!

top 10 Most Popular Models

RankManufacturerModel% of Enquiries
3Volkswagen Golf3%
5FordTransit Custom2.6%
The E-Class leads the way with some unexpected appearences from the commercial players.

Most Popular Price Ranges

RankPrice Range% of Enquiries
1£5k – £7.5k21.2%
2£10k – £15k18.6%
3£7.5k – £10k15.2%
4£2k – £3k9.5%
5£4k – £5k8.4%
6£3k – £4k8.1%
7£15k – £20k6.9%
8£1k – £2k5.6%
9£20k +5.1%
10£0 -£1k1.4%
The most attractive price on Marketplace are vehicles priced between £5k and £7.5k.

Most Popular mileage ranges

RankPrice Range% of Enquiries
1100k +35.7%
275k – 100k25.1%
350k – 75k22.4%
425k – 50k11%
50 – 25k5.9%
As you can see, higher mileage vehicles outperform their lower mileage counterparts.

If you’d like to advertise your stock on Facebook Marketplace, get in touch. Carlover is a Facebook Marketplace Automotive Listing Partner. That means we can automatically publish your stock to Marketplace using our brilliant stock publishing platform.

Check our video tutorial on how easy it is to publish to Facebook Marketplace using our stock publishing app, MyDealer.

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