10 Things That You Didn’t Know Where Illegal When Driving

There are many laws that you will be aware of that you wouldn’t dare break. Whether your into new cars or used cars, the law remains the law for all drivers in the UK.

You might think that you are following all of the rules, but often that is not the case and you probably didn’t even know it until now. We broke down a staggering list into the top ten laws you probably didn’t know you were breaking when driving.

So here we go and these can result in a fine or points on your license, not just a slap on the wrist.

1) Flashing your lights to give someone the go ahead on their turn

This is a common practice in Northern Ireland, especially Belfast, seeing an opportunity to let a fellow motorist make their break through the traffic with a kind flash of your light, sending them on their way can result in a minimum £30 fine.

While it is a good form of communication and a kind gesture, the only reason that your lights are meant to be used is to signal that you are there, not to perhaps warn others of the speed camera that lies ahead.

2) Paying by phone at the drive thru

Tap, tap, tap, the ability to pay with our phones has changed everyday life forever, no longer is forgetting your wallet the massive issue and inconvenience that it once was.

McDonald’s, Burger King, Starbucks, these are all places where this offence takes place on a daily basis across Northern Ireland, and one that carries a surprisingly painful fine of £1000 or 6 penalty points. 

If you need to use your phone to pay, just make sure you are stopped, handbrake up and tap away. 

3) Drunk sleeping in your car

A night out in Northern Ireland is common for many of the nation’s residents. Just a word of advice if you are hitting the pubs and hoping to save money on accommodation, don’t choose the car, head to your friends sofa instead or you could unfortunately face a hefty 10 points AND a fine as technically you are the person in charge of the vehicle, even if you are sleeping in the backseat. 

4) Not having a clean number plate

Having a dirty car might be something that you think is just a personal thing to you, but if the issue goes too far and your number plate is unreadable then you could land yourself in hot water with the law.

Having a dirty number plate could land you with a fine of up to £1000, definitely cheaper to hit the car wash than risk getting slapped with that heavy fine. 

5) Rage Beeping

Unless someone is veering into your lane and there is risk of collision with your car, you shouldn’t beep your horn. It can lead to a fine of over £30. Though in certain situations, it is pretty hard not to engage in a rage beep.

6) Undertaking

Slow drivers really are annoying, but if you find yourself behind a slow driver, don’t be tempted to pull into the left lane yourself to get ahead of them, you could find yourself in court, pinned with dangerous driving.

7) Middle lane of the motorway

Once you overtake, make sure that you pull back into the left lane, as driving in the middle lane is actually an offence itself and considered very dangerous. You can get 3 points and a fine for meandering in the middle lane.

8) Parking on the wrong side of the road at night

In Australia, this has long been the practice on the roads, even in daylight, but in Northern Ireland, it is completely normal to pull into the oncoming lane and snag yourself a park. It is now law that you are not allowed to park on the wrong side of the road in the evening as it is thought that oncoming headlights can reflect off your lights and startle the driver in the vehicle.

9) Pyjamas are not driving attire

Coming into winter in the UK, everyone battens down the hatches and pyjamas become a stable outfit that keeps you cozy and warm, it could be a very expensive outfit choice if you are heading down to the shops. 

Expensive to the tune of £200 and 6 penalty points! So you should really think twice before getting behind the wheel in your dressing gown and slippers, it is deemed dangerous . Police reported huge numbers of drivers wearing clothing deemed inappropriate and thus had to bring in new legislation that completely banned the practice.

10) Sneezing while driving

Sneezing when you are driving has long been something scary, your eyes close on the motorway and technically your eyes are closed at high speed. Now it is actually illegal while behind the wheel at all, even if you are stopped at a set of lights, don’t be tempted to blow your nose or even cough vigorously as it is considered to be the same as using your phone by the wheel and could see you hit with a £200 and 6 accompanying penalty points.