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Fuelled By Electric: The Growth Of The Electric Car Market

Tesla Model 3

With the government’s plans to ban the sale of new diesel and petrol cars by the year 2035, the electric car market is gaining momentum across Northern Ireland. Europe is  motoring ahead as per usual, with electric sales breaking records in many countries across the continent.

There is the option within the market to buy either a pure electric, plug-in hybrid or hybrid and it seems to be appealing to the masses in the millions across Europe, the future is looking green.

In Northern Ireland there are more than 4,000 electric cars on the roads according to NI Direct’s latest figures. With over 11% of registered cars in the UK recorded as electric cars in 2021, this is a figure Northern Ireland can expect to rise quite dramatically.

Electric cars accounted for 11.6% of all new car registrations in 2021 in the UK, petrol cars holding a 46% share and then diesel, already seemingly on it’s way out with the majority of the cars that make up the market.

4 Electric Vehicles To Watch 2022 : Part One

With the electric car market heating up and sales rising (Link to Used cars filtering the market) there has never been a better time to start your research into the market to see if it is the right time for you to go electric, and if not, the specs and performance of these electric cars is seriously impressive. With models suitable for all levels, lets take a look at 4 cars to watch this year.

  1. Tesla Model 3 

Tesla being Tesla state that they are going to alter the auto landscape completely with their electric vehicles coming to market. While they may talk themselves up, it seems that the people agree, Tesla was the most popular electric vehicle in the UK last year and they are definitely one to watch as 2022 unfolds. 

Boasting an excellent driving experience as well as excellent visibility, the Tesla 3 is definitely the most popular electric option in the UK, especially with the ‘charging club’ Tesla’s can go such a long distance on a full charge and with access to what Tesla call their ‘Supercharger network’, it has the best reliability and the fastest charging capabilities of all the electric charging networks that are available

  1. Kia Niro 

With 280 miles for journeys on a full charge, the KIA Niro is a car that is the best suited to family life, not only does it have a long battery life, but the warranty on KIA’s is the best on the market, sitting at an impressive 7 years – they really are sure on their quality.  This car can be charged on your run of the mill 7kW home charger, so no fuss with the charging at home aspect. 

There are some excellent features across the range, large display screens, heated seats with cooling capabilities, reversing camera, battery included and it’s silent presence, even when cruising along the motorway with auto braking when you lift your foot off the accelerator. KIA in my opinion are not known for their stylish looks, but if you are hoping to go electric in 2022, then this is a great starter electric vehicle that has a fully transferable warranty if you decide to sell. 

  1. VW ID.3 

This cheap to run ‘all rounder’ electric car from Volkswagen is a great starter into the electric world, described by Volkswagen as the ‘most important car of a generation’. The ID badge that you have more than likely started seeing around more than usual is the first of many from the manufacturing giant.

With over 250 miles on a single charge and the ability to gain 180 miles in just half an hour, the ‘distance problem’ that a lot of people associate with electric cars certainly is not a problem here as driving that many miles on a  regular basis is not a concern to most people. Coming on the market at around £36,000 – and that is after the governments electric car grant.

  1. Nissan Leaf 

This vehicle from Nissan was one of the first on the scene, breaking into action back in 2011. With 168 miles on a full charge, this car is a great electric family car that will most certainly perform to the demands of everyday family life and as with all electrics, will save you money on the weekly fuel bill – just a fraction of the price. 

There is also a Nissan + model available on the market, with just a little more electric under the hood, with a full charge getting you around 240 miles. The acceleration on the Nissan range is surprisingly powerful – you will be shocked. This particular electric car beats out competitors on price, is easy to handle and very specious. All round this car is a great start for a family looking to move to the electric feels.

These manufacturers are certainly adapting to the market changes with no problems at all and 2035 is well within grasp as the government moves towards the banning of the sale of new petrol and diesel cars. We keep an eye on electric vehicles news, carry out reviews of electric cars as well as stocking a range of used electric cars Northern Ireland wide.

Used Car Prices And The Best Time To Buy

best used cars Belfast
The best time to buy a used car NI wide

As with any industry, when an asset, in this case a car is bought, the decline in price happens immediately – what could not be expected is that used car prices would begin to rise in value.

We are left in a situation now where the world is wondering when the price of used cars will drop? And when is the right time to buy a used car?

When Will The Price Of Used Cars Drop?

There are conflicting views on the answer to this question among those that are considered to be experts in the field, which is leading to a lot of confusion from consumers on when it will happen and when the best time to buy is. 

The Used Car Market And The Crazy Fluctuations

The year 2021 will be remembered forever as the year that car production halted due to a chip shortage and used car prices were on the rise with the entire used car market becoming unpredictable. The used car market as a result descended into chaos, with contrasting prices that soared and made headlines the world over. 

A Visual Look: Used Car Prices

Chip shortage = Used Car Prices Driven Sky High

Month by month last year there were predictions on what was going to happen and each month, even the experts were surprised by the market.

The End Of Petrol & Diesel Cars

The end is near for diesel and petrol cars.

The UK government has set a deadline to ban all conventional fuel powered vehicles from sale by 3030. The end of petrol and diesel cars aims to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions entering the environment.

A report carried out by the American government showed that over 74% of human-caused greenhouse gases were a result of burning fossil fuels. By switching to electric vehicles, the UK will be able to achieve Paris’ Climate Agreement’s target of a global temperature rise of only 1.5°C by 2050.

If you are considering changing your petrol or diesel vehicle to an electric model, there are a range of used cars NI on the market. Traditionally electric vehicles seemed expensive and they weren’t within the price range of many drivers.

Used Cars Northern Ireland: Shelbourne Motors

Shelbourne Motors is one of Northern Ireland’s most established car dealerships. Based in Portadown and Newry, their award winning dealership, the team at Shelbourne Motors specialise in a number of services, including new and used car sales, car rental, motability, fleet and body shop, and also servicing and maintenance.

The team at Shelbourne Motors have a fantastic knowledge of cars and other vehicles. With one of the largest ranges of used cars NI, they have something to suit everyone’s needs.

At Shelbourne Motors you will be spoiled for choice. They are proud to be representatives of the top major car brands around the world. These include Toyota, Kia, Nissan, Renault and many more!

Their range of vehicles within their dealerships offer a broad range of vans and cars that are suitable for families, daily commutes and for longer journeys.

View Our Range Of Used Cars

Top Tips On How To Stay Safe On The Roads In Winter

Used car dealerships NI
Stay Safe On The Roads In The Cold Weather.

Used car dealerships Northern Ireland wide are set for a busy month, if this applies to you, then make sure you are getting a good deal and staying safe on the roads. Driving is always a dangerous practice, trying to understand the minds of other drivers and trying to predict their next move, of course is nearly impossible.

The winter months bring with them certain extra challenges and with January being extra cold, unfortunately more accidents occur as the roads become glazed with ice and visibility is reduced. 

Whether you are driving a new car or a used car, make sure that your vehicle is in good health as we navigate the end of December and the early part of 2022 and if you are in need of used cars NI wide, Carlover have got you covered with Northern Ireland’s top car dealerships there with a huge range of used cars.

Will Used Car Prices Drop In 2022?

The price of used cars in Northern Ireland and the UK as a whole have reached unprecedented levels with the nation as a whole struggling to believe the sky high prices that they are met with when purchasing a used vehicle.

There are opinions that are being formed by experts stating that we are in the middle of a car recession that will see prices plummet mid 2022, so the advice at the moment from those experts is that if you are hoping to bag a bargain on a used car, you should exercise patience.

New Or Used Cars 2022

After the plummeting sales of cars that the world saw when we all went into lockdown, the rise back has been meteoric – the people want to buy cars again and they want to buy a lot.

So the question on the lips of many – Is it better to buy a new or a used car? And  Is it cheaper to insure a new or a used car? 

New cars vs used cars

The pandemic wreaked havoc across many sectors and the used car market was hit especially hard with every month of 2020 playing out, the figures got worse and worse, with record breaking lows. Car dealers are still not receiving the volume of cars they need because of course Covid stopped production and shipping.

Updates On The Used Car Market Northern Ireland

Get the keys to your perfect used car and drive away happy.

Since the start of the Covid – 19 pandemic, the used cars ni market has been unpredictable for dealerships and consumers across the country. Not only have dealerships had to deal with the lockdown restrictions, but they also have to consider the implications of Brexit and the continuing chip shortage that has affected car manufacturing across the world.

If you can’t keep up with the ever changing news within the car market, don’t worry as Carlover has got you covered. We have made a list of the latest updates on the used car market Northern Ireland to give you a helping hand when purchasing a used car.

Used Cars Belfast: The Demand

As the manufacture of new cars has slowed down due to the result of the chip shortage. The new cars that have been able to reach the car market are in high demand, resulting in their prices rising dramatically. As a result of this a majority of customers have been forced to purchase from the used car market. This has led to higher prices and longer delays within the used car market.

Car dealerships have also seen a rise in the demand for used cars since the start of the global pandemic as people across Northern Ireland were investing their money in a car rather than having to travel to and from work on public transport. Carlover have a range of used cars available in dealerships across Northern Ireland, with cars to suit everyone’s needs. 

Increase in Sales of Used Electric Vehicles

In recent years there has been an increased awareness of the effects that fuel powered vehicles can have on the environment. In 2021 there was an increase of 86% in electric car registrations compared to the previous year.

Switching your car to an electric model will have many benefits for the driver, including lower road tax, cheaper running costs, government grants that offer a discount when buying a new EV vehicle, and it lowers Co2 emissions.

One of our favourite used car models on the market is the Tesla Model S. If you are after something a bit more luxurious, this car is the best option for you. This electric hybrid has a slick exterior that will stand out when moving between traffic on the roads.

The Tesla Model S has a spacious interior that will comfortably fit the passengers in the back seat and a spacious boot that is perfect for your personal items and luggage. This car is fun to drive with a strong acceleration and a fantastic driving range of 400 miles on a single charge.

Carlover has a range of electric vehicles from major brands such as Audi, Hyundai, Volkswagen and Hyundai. For more information on the benefits of electric vehicles, get in touch with one of our local dealerships today.

Most Popular Used Cars To Buy

There are so many used car models out there to choose from with a range of quality features. Here are the most popular used cars to buy on the market and why you should consider them when visiting our dealerships.

Ford Fiesta

This car has consistently been one of the UK’s top selling cars for a number of years in a row. It has a modern exterior design, it is reliable and has lower running costs than other used cars on the market.

The Ford Fiesta has a spacious interior that can comfortably fit three passengers in the back set, and the car also comes with a range of safety features that will give you peace of mind when out on the road. As the Ford Fiesta is such a popular car, this means that there are plenty available on the used market.

BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series has everything that you could ever want in a used car. It has a sporty design with a stylish interior, a spacious interior perfect for the family and will perfectly fit most garages. This car is practical and is reliable as it is a long lasting car.

The BMW 3 Series offers drivers the perfect combination of low running costs, modern technology, dynamic driving and performance. 

Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf is a popular hatchback among families across the UK. This car has a fresh look that is sure to turn heads when you are out on your daily commutes. The Golf is practical to run, low on running costs and it has a new engine that is energy efficient. Not only is this car perfect for families, but if you are a new driver the Golf is one of the best cars to help you to gain confidence when out on the road.

Purchasing a used car can be confusing, especially in the current climate where the demand is higher and prices are on the rise. If you would like more information on what used car is the best option for you, Carlover is the right place for you.

Trusted Car Dealers Belfast

When you visit one of our car dealers Belfast wide, you can view cars that are family friendly, electric and that are ideal for first time buyers. With the team at Carlover at your side the process of buying a used car could not be simpler.