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The Convertibles Belfast Will Be Seeing Next Summer

The Convertibles Belfast Will Be Seeing Next Summer

The colder months are one of the best times to purchase a convertible, as sales are slower due to the colder weather and constant rainfall. The UK is one of the top places in Europe for convertible sales as the weather isn’t too hot and sticky compared to cities with hotter climates.

Driving with the roof of your convertible down is one of the best ways to refresh all of your senses. If a convertible is on your bucket list for 2022, let the team at Carlover help you to decide which model will be the best option for you.

What Is The Best Car Insurance?

The best car insurance is a necessity that will help to protect drivers from financial burdens caused by damaged cars, damaging another driver’s vehicle, injuring someone while driving and so much more. When deciding on a car to purchase the main question asked by drivers is ‘What insurance should they get’

There are so many car insurance providers to choose from across the UK, it is no wonder why drivers become overwhelmed. Although used car ni insurance can be expensive, it doesn’t mean that drivers have to lose out on great cover in order to get a cheaper price. To help car buyers to make the best choice for their insurance, the team at Carlover have made a list of insurance providers in 2021.

10 Things That You Didn’t Know Where Illegal When Driving

There are many laws that you will be aware of that you wouldn’t dare break. Whether your into new cars or used cars, the law remains the law for all drivers in the UK.

You might think that you are following all of the rules, but often that is not the case and you probably didn’t even know it until now. We broke down a staggering list into the top ten laws you probably didn’t know you were breaking when driving.

So here we go and these can result in a fine or points on your license, not just a slap on the wrist.

Top Tips For Buying A Car From Car Dealers Belfast

Buying a new car is an exciting experience, however it can also be quite stressful for those who don’t have much experience when it comes to cars, our trusted car dealers Belfast wide are the solution to your problem.

With Carlover here to help, we can help you to research used cars NI and choose the perfect model that suits your daily needs and works within your budget.

We have created the ultimate list on how to drive away with a bargain: top tips for buying a new car in 2021 that will help you to take the correct steps before you make that final purchase.

Electric Cars Northern Ireland.

The Future Is Electric!

The pressure is growing on car owners across Northern Ireland to switch to electric cars and ditch their fuel powered vehicles. In recent years the sale of electric cars Northern Ireland is on the rise and it’s clear to see why. They are cost efficient to run, kinder to the environment and smooth to drive.

These cars also range in size, for large family SUVs to smaller city cars. There is an electric car in the market to suit everyone’s lifestyle, but which are the best electric cars to buy on the market? At Carlover we have created a list of our top favourite electric cars and their range of amazing features, the future of used cars is electric.

The Top Electric Cars Northern Ireland

  1. Hyundai Kona Electric

The Hyundai Kona Electric is an affordable electric car that can drive the same distance as a fuel powered vehicle when it is charged with a full battery. Drivers will be able to travel up to 300 miles after charging the battery due to its 64kWh battery. This SUV is stylish and is the perfect family friendly car. 

Not only is the Hyundai Kona Electric smart in terms of its efficiency, but it also offers a range of smart features that will make your journey more enjoyable. These features include a smart 10.25 inch touchscreen, silent rapid acceleration, and an unconventional gear stick that you can switch between drive, neutral reverse and park using buttons. 

  1. Fiat 500

The electric Fiat 500 looks similar to previous models with its retro designs, however there are some differences that should be taken note of. The electric model is larger in size and heavier and is a strong contender against other electric cars on the market. The car’s exterior has a more smoother look and has a simple design. 

Compared to the previous Fiat 500 models the interior has also been a redesign that should be mentioned. There is a qo-inch touchscreen on the dashboard, smartphone connectivity, and the traditional retro styled dials have been upgraded to a 7-inch digital dial display. 

The Electric Fiat 500 comes with either two types of batteries. These include either a 23.7kWh battery with 115 mile range or a 42kWh battery that provides a 199-mile range. You can recharge this car using a three pin socket that will take charging overnight to gain full battery life.

  1. Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf is an energy efficient and reliable family hatchback. This car is easy to drive, especially around the city, and offers comfortable seating for all. There are five seats, where the passengers in the back seat can sit comfortably and the boot is a decent size that can fit all of your family’s essentials.

Practicality is a popular selling point when it comes to the Nissan Leaf. They have lower running costs compared to fuel powered cars and it comes with the convenience of charging the car’s battery at home. You can charge the car using a 7kWh charger and it will take up to 7 hours to reach full battery life. 

  1. Peugeot e-208

If you are considering changing your fuel powered car to an electric model, the Peugeot e-208 may be a good car to start with. This car has a distinctive exterior design that will stand out when you are moving between traffic. One of the most exciting features of this electric vehicle is that it has rapid charge and can be controlled through an app.

Space isn’t an issue when it comes to this car. The two front seats offer plenty of legroom as the seats come with manual seat and wheel adjustments. There is also plenty of room in the back seats for passengers to fit comfortably and due to the clever placement of the car’s battery there is a generous amount of space in the boot.

The Peugeot e-208 has a range of exciting features installed that will help to make car journeys more enjoyable. These features include a 7-inch touchscreen dashboard, DAB radio, Bluetooth, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto that will allow you to connect to your favourite apps. 

  1. BMW i3

The BMW i3 is a stylish electric car that is fun and comfortable to drive. This car is worth considering if you want an electric car that looks more upmarket compared to other electric models on the market. The BMW i3 has a sharp exterior and the interior doesn’t hold back on quality. This car is kitted out with BMW’s iDrive which comes with a 10 inch dashboard and satnav. 

The battery life of the BMW i3 will last for over 15 years, saving drivers plenty of money on fuel and other maintenance that comes with a petrol or diesel powered vehicle. This car is perfect for everyday commutes with a battery life of 42.2kWh that will range up to 190 miles. BMW states that car owners can achieve up to 80% battery life under 15 hours using a domestic charger, or alternatively it can be achieved in 42 mins using a 50kW public charger.

6. Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is an affordable car that aims to compete against other well known electric models in the market, including Mercedes, BMW and Audi. This car is the cheapest model in the Tesla range, however, it doesn’t hold back on style and luxury. 

The Tesla Model 3 has a unique interior design with a class roof, a black satin trim and has very little presence of buttons or dials. It’s important to mention that a majority of the car is controlled through a central touchscreen, from turning on the window wipers to turning on the headlights during a dark night. Legroom is not something that is a worry when it comes to the Tesla Model 3 as the front and back seats can comfortably fit tall passengers of up to six feet tall. The boot is more spacious than its electric rivals when it comes to fitting luggage and other bags you may have.

This car is similar to most electric cars on the market as they are almost silent when driving through busy traffic in the city. The breaks stand out compared to other electric models as you can break smoothly without your passengers feeling the grabbing movement in the back seats. Buying this model will give drivers access to Tesla’s network of Superchargers, meaning that the car’s battery can go from 10%-80% in less than 30 minutes. Although you have to pay to use this service, it is reasonably priced and is more cost effective than paying for petrol or diesel.

Now that you know a bit more about the models of electric cars that are available in Northern Ireland, it’s time to choose which one would suit you the best. At CarLover we have a range of electric cars in our dealerships Belfast and in other locations across Northern Ireland, including: 

  • Belfast
  • Derry
  • Newry
  • Armagh
  • Enniskillen
  • Cookstown

Whether you are a family looking for a more energy efficient car or you are keen on saving costs on your daily commute, we have an electric car to suit everyone’s needs.

What Are The Best Family Cars NI?

Best Family Cars UK
Keep your family safe and drive away happily.

The search for family cars NI can be hard, at Carlover, we like to make the process as simple as possible. Finding the right family car can be challenging as you need to consider safety features and if there is enough space for the whole family, and if it fits in with your lifestyle.

One of the most popular questions we hear from our used car dealerships Belfast wide is ‘What are the most family friendly cars?’ At Carlover we understand that families come in many different sizes, that have different needs and requirements. We have created a list of our top favourite family cars to help you find the one that is right for you.

The Most Family Friendly Cars NI

  1. Volkswagen Tiguan

The Volkswagen Tiguan is a comfortable car with 5 seats. This is a practical family car with plenty of space inside and the boot has enough space where you can fit everything you need. This car is comfortable to drive and feels secure driving on fast roads such as the motorway and has a range of safety features, including automatic emergency city braking. 

Not only does this car focus on family safety, but it also has a range of entertainment features that will make those long journeys more enjoyable. This car is kitted out with an easy to use touchscreen dashboard, ApplePay and Android Auto that can connect to your favourite apps, smartphone connectivity and a built in sat-nav. There are also reversing cameras and parking sensors that help you to safely park when your children are in the back seats.

  1. Kia Ceed

If you are searching the market for a family hatchback, the Kia Ceed should definitely be on your shortlist. This car is reasonably priced, it is easy to drive and has a spacious interior. Within this car there are plenty of useful storage spaces and a large boot that can easily fit your family’s weekly shopping, luggage and other essentials. 

The Kia Ceed is the perfect car for longer journeys and is comfortable to drive. There is faster steering and a firm suspension meaning that the car doesn’t lean to the side at corners and absorb lumps and bumps. These features are ideal for those with younger children in the back seats.

  1. SEAT Leon

The Seat LEON is a five seater car and is about the same size as its main competitors, the Ford Focus and the Volkswagen Golf. This car has been a big hit with families across the UK with over 250,000 sold. The exterior is designed with a slick and youthful look that will stand out from the crowd. 

When it comes to spacing you will not be disappointed. This car has a 380 Litre boot that offers plenty of space for your essentials and any extra luggage. The Seat LEON is fun to drive and the car doesn’t cost much to run which is great news for parents!

  1. Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is a reliable and practical family hatchback that has been around for generations. The car’s sporty exterior design helps the Honda Civic to stand out from other family car models and will turn heads when you are out on the road. 

Not only is this vehicle fun to drive but it is comfortable to drive over bumps in the road due to its suspension system. The Honda Civic has a balance of feeling sporty to drive and offering comfort for all of the family. The interior of the car offers plenty of room, with a large boot that can easily fit large bags and any essentials that you need for longer journeys.

  1. Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is a top runner when it comes to the family hatchback. This car has a spacious interior that will comfortably fit three passengers in the back seat and a large boot that can hold all of the family’s essentials.

The cars sales charts are dominated by the Ford Focus in the UK due to its reliability and low running costs. If you are concerned about the safety of your family car, this isn’t something you have to worry about with the Ford Focus. They have a range of safety features, including an evasive steering assist, autonomous emergency braking, two cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors. This will help to give parents peace of mind when they are driving with their children in the back seats.

When you are choosing a car for your family there is so much to consider. Not only do you have to think about the safety of your loved ones, but you also should consider your lifestyle and the daily journeys to work and the school run.

Used Cars NI

If you are ready to start shopping for a new family friendly car, Carlover is the place to find your used cars NI wide. We have something to suit everyone’s needs.

If you would like to know more information about any of the family cars we have mentioned above, get in touch with a member of our team today or alternatively you can drop an enquiry with any of the dealerships listed on Carlover.

Top 5 Economical Used Cars NI

Fuel efficiency is a popular topic of conversation across Northern Ireland, so naturally economical used cars commonly feature in these conversations. Car buyers are becoming more aware of the effect that their vehicles are having on the environment and are opting for more economical models.

At Carlover we have a range of used cars NI can rely on, ones that will do less damage to the environment in the long term and will also save drivers on road tax bills due to the low emissions.

Here is a list of our top 5 economical used cars NI and how they can help us to become a fuel saving nation.

What Used Cars Are Best For First Time Buyers

Used Cars NI

You’ve passed your driving test, and now it’s time to reach that milestone of buying your first car. Buying a brand new car can be a tempting option, however this is too expensive for most first time buyers. There is a great variety of used cars NI on the market  that are easy to drive and cost effective to run. At Carlover we have a range of used cars in dealerships across Northern Ireland that are perfect for those who are excited to get on the road. Here is our list of what used cars are best for first time buyers if you have just passed your test.

The Plan For Electric Cars UK

electric cars in the uk

1. The Future Has Electric Feels

Right now there is the hype, it’s ‘cool’ and still not common practice to see a bus gliding past in complete electric silence with no emissions, but in a lot of states in America, it is very much common practice. 

Electric vehicles today comprise cars, buses, lorries of all sorts, and even big-rig tractor trailers, but selling buses, lorries or big-rig’s is not on the agenda and we will just stick to the future of electric used cars NI can rely on for the moment.

The Best Used Cars of 2021 UK

Purchasing a car is one of the most expensive purchases that most people will spend their savings on, so we bring you this list of the best used cars. The demand for used cars is now stronger than ever due to manufacturing stalling in the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic. However just because you are buying a used car, it shouldn’t feel like you are opting for second best.

With thousands of used cars NI wide on sale at the Carlover trusted car dealers, there are plenty of options to choose from. If you haven’t decided on what type of car you are looking for, we have highlighted the best used cars of 2021 UK to help make that big decision a lot easier.